Público (18/04/2024)

Opinion piece in the newspaper Público titled "Um ano depois do IVA zero: o que aprendemos e o que não aprendemos?" ("One year after the zero VAT: what we learned and what we did not learn" in English), joint with Tiago Bernardino. The article discusses the results from our paper on the Portuguese temporary VAT cut and compares it with a direct transfer to lower-income households. 

Economia Descomplicada (15/02/2023 and 01/03/2023)

Participated in an economic literacy project in Portugal aimed at simplifying basic economic concepts and ideas. Filmed and recorded two programmes: one on inflation (Youtube, Spotify) and another on interest rates (Youtube, Spotify). Available only in Portuguese.

Radar XS, RTP2 (19/09/2022)

Explained inflation on a TV news programme for kids, specifically a segment where experts answer kids' questions on a variety of subjects. Click here for the full episode (in Portuguese).